Club President News


August 2009


Well this year has been a lot different than last, and I think much more productive. I am happy I stuck it out one more year at this point. Our tail gate was one of the most successful one since I have been a member of the club. Of course I am not taking credit for myself, but instead am bragging on the great help and participation from so many of the Club members. I would be afraid to start naming names because there were so many who helped out and supported the Tail Gate with their money, and door prize donations, and in other ways such as getting the word got out this year through many sources.


Then our field day was outstanding too. Again it was the good help, and participation that made it all work. The thing that stuck out in my  mind was the antennas, and putting them all up, and how well they performed for us. Then I would be remiss if I did not mention the CW operators. They are always the back bone of our field day points. We had some where around 3700 points this year which ads up to over one thousand more than last year. The antennas along with the SSB voice operators who worked all night pushing the envelop to get contacts on just 5 watts QRP, all made a difference this year. We were also more successful this year by having a rotateable 6 meter yagi up on the tower, for 6 meter voice contacts. The greatest thing about the Field Day this year, was we all had fun, and enjoyed the fellowship.


And last but not least, the ladies that did a great job preparing the food for both the  Tail Gate, and Field Day. The other thing that I feel good about this year was the Hams that we were able to help get their antennas and Radios working properly. That is something we need to continue to do when we find a Ham in the cub or not, if they need help on antenna work or Radios, we ought to try to help them if possible. I have really enjoyed being your President this year, and I appreciate everyone I have had the privilege of working with. I do intend on staying active in the club, and being a help to the next President.


All the Best, and may GOD bless

Ralph KU4WR




January 2009


Well I must say surprisingly I wound up as President of the DeKalb County Amateur Club again this year. Last year was sort of hectic for what were mostly uncontrollable reasons. Number one we lost our spot at the VFW Fair Grounds for our tail/gate right off the bat because I did not realize you have to call them right on the first of the month of January to get a spot. So we had to use a alternant location, which did not do too well. Then we were refused entry to the Boy Scout Camp for Field Day, so we had to again use an alternant location, which did work out ok, only by the time we got everything over there we were late getting started. Also some of our key players were out of town a lot last year.


Well the good news is the we hit the ground a running this year and we have already procured the VFW site for the Tailgate, we have it approved and certified by the ARRL, so it will be in the QST magazine. We have lowered the membership dues to a more reasonable fee, and we have changed our meeting place to the DeKalb Ambulance service training facility to hopefully get a better attendance.


I also want and hope for more people to plug in some where with all of our activities the year. Everyone can do something. No job is to small or unappreciated. In addition, I plan to update this page more often, and keep our announcements via e-mail more consistent. We appreciate all of you, and the volunteer spirit of this Club. Looking forward to a great year.


73s Ralph Wiseman KU4WR


October 2007

Hello: My name is Ralph Wiseman. My call is KU4WR. I was elected President of the DeKalb Amateur Radio Club, in September 2007, and started my service at our meeting in October. I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to service in this capacity. I sincerely hope our Club will continue to thrive and grow during the next year.

A good starting point, might be just a note about my background.

In high school, my goal was to be in electronics. I wanted to own a Television repair shop and so I came out of the Navy, and started working for electronic parts distributors in and around Atlanta, Ga. area, while going to trade school at night to learn how to repair TVs. I worked for a couple of other shops, before I struck out on my own. I moved around to three different locations, and finally wound up in a small town in the south side of Atlanta. I had a shop there for 10 years, while also working with a Volunteer fire department, that me and a couple of other business men in the area started.

I really had a desire to become a Ham at that time, but there was only one other ham working with us, and I just did not have time to study the code, especially with 4 children in a private school. Well, after a few years of fire school I wound up teaching Fire suppression for Southern Tech., working with several volunteer departments on the south side of Atlanta. Then when Atlanta started it's own county fire department, I was offered a position there where I made a complete career change. I got my Ham ticket in 1995 just one year before I retired as Captain of an engine Company at Fulton Country airport near six flags. I now hold an extra class license.

After a few years catching up and being active in the local Ham Club, I became the ARES Emergency coordinator for Clayton County Ga. in 1998. I was elected President of the Club in Clayton County, in1999, and served as both EC, and Club President until 2002.

Going back a ways, I was ordained a Deacon in 1977, and actively served as deacon and school board member for 10 years at a Baptist Church in Forest Park, Ga..

I have completed level 1 of the ARRL Emergency coordinators courses, plus the advanced sky warn course.  I have completed 6 levels of Red Cross disaster management courses, plus I have had training with the Alabama Baptist men's Kitchen for disaster relief. Plus I have been through and helped with CERT training, in both Georgia, and DeKalb County, and I am a West CARS VE Tester.

This is basically my back ground, and it all only serves as a small part to being a good leader for the Club. My main goal for this coming years is to fine out what each persons special gift is, and then getting each one plugged in to help the whole team be successful. I have often repeated Ronald Reagan's infamous quote that "Much can be accomplished, when the people are not worried about who gets the credit" As I stated in the meeting, I see our clubs as a lot of good dots out there, that just need to be connected to form the final picture of what this Club's potential is. Every one has a talent, even if it is serving tables, cooking, selling tickets, or other things that seem to have nothing to do with communications. Let me encourage you to hang with us until you see what part, (regardless how small it seems) you can play in making our good Club an even better one. 

Finally, let me say a big THANK you for all the past presidents who are encouraging me. It is my wish, to be able to count on you for your input and advise often throughout the coming months.

Best regards, Ralph Wiseman 73s

P.S. We do plan to update this page several times during this year, if for no other reason than to give a report on how I am doing, and where we need to go from here. God Bless